Hey there,

I’m Meg. Welcome to my brand spanking new blog.

I live in New England (just north of Boston, to be more precise). Up here, the four seasons don’t mess around. Summer scorches, winter freezes, while spring and fall bring mellow temps but no less personality.

Seasonal Buzz is a tribute, of sorts, to the buzz each season brings – here, there and everywhere. From big stuff like holidays, and marine mammal migration (!), to more mundane moments that still make us smile. Like January here in New England, when sunset moves noticeably later and later each day – a first harbinger of spring.

So check back soon for fabulous seasonal stuff to brighten your day, offer up some food for thought, or even inspire you to celebrate the seasons in a new way.   Because as long as the earth keeps tilting, the seasons will keep turning. So let’s have some fun with them, shall we?

That’s the buzz on Seasonal Buzz.

When not attempting to blog, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two little kids, especially at museums, historic sites, and other geeky places like that. In rare moments of solitude, I read travel magazines and binge on BBC crime dramas.

Please give me a shout anytime. And thanks for reading!